SPFPA Local 533 Who We Are

We are one of 300 local unions within the SPFPA International. Presently our local is under the Currency and Security Handlers (CASH).
Our armed officers are highly trained in a variety of security skills. We are security police professionals working for AT Systems in Long Island, New York. Each day we put our lives on the line in protecting millions of dollars in currency which is transferred each day.

Why do we exist? We are here because the men and women that protect these auto plants felt that we didn't have an even playing field in respect to wages, promotions, and working conditions. Now, most importantly, we have a voice in our future. Our primary goal is to provide consistent and innovated services to our members by creating avenues that will educate and assist our members to maximize those benefits under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

About SPFPA International Union

The SPFPA is the LARGEST, OLDEST and FASTEST GROWING Security Police Union in the World Today !

The SPFPA is dedicated to service.

The International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) have represented Security Police Professionals for
over 57 years. As a SPFPA Member, you gain:

The largest and most experienced International Union specializing in Security in the world today.

The service of one of the most prominent labor law firms in the country, and attorneys provided for all arbitration cases.

The legal right to sit down with management and negotiate the issues that are important to you and your families like wages, benefits, and true job security.

A real voice in the workplace.

The advantage of full-time Regional Vice Presidents to service your special needs.

Full-time International Secretary-Treasurer and staff to assist Locals in financial requirements (State and Federal).

Balance to the workplace and level the playing field so everyone gets treated fairly.

The SPFPA Affinity Program including education scholarships for family members.

Education and training programs to include grievance handling and negotiations for all members.

Strong International financial base that enables SPFPA to fully represent their members.

About the Membership

The International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) and it's more than 300 local unions throughout the United States and Canada are legally authorized collective bargaining agents for thousands of security professionals.

To address your specialized needs in each security industry, the SPFPA includes representation in the following divisions:

Department of Defense/NASA/Aerospace

Department of Energy/Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Correctional Officer Professionals (C.O.P.)

Court Security Officer (CSO)

Security Officer Airline Response (SOAR)

Casino Hotel Industry Police (C.H.I.P.)

Campus Police Officers (CPO)

Currency and Security Handlers (C.A.S.H.)

Commercial Arts/Entertainment Security Team (C.A.S.T.)

Military Police (MP)


Daimler Chrysler

Court Security Officers (C.S.O.)

Members provide security service for the Department of Defense, NASA, Aerospace, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Federal Courts, nuclear facilities, prisons, detention centers, armored car, casinos, arts and entertainment, universities, hospitals, airports, public utilities, automotive and Industry.

Welcome to SPFPA Local 533
  Local 533
AT Systems - Long Island New York